Sister Marie Jacqueline, C.K. is a School Sister of Christ the King. She has been at St. Joseph School for over 15 years total, but not consecutively! Sister began teaching at St. Joseph School in 1986. She taught second grade for three years, then she came back in 1991-1993 and was a Jr. High teacher in eighth grade. During the years of 1995-1999 she educated second graders for one year and then had fifth grade for the next three years. Later in 2012 she was the Spiritual Life Coordinator of the school and taught second Religion and prepared them for First Holy Communion. Sister Marie Jacqueline is beginning her sixth year as a Resource Teacher and Para for St. Joseph School. Her greatest joy is working with the students in the kindergarten classroom who have many different learning needs and abilities. It has been very exciting for her because many of her former students are now coming back and putting their children in St. Joseph School because they loved the Catholic education they received and want it for their children as well. Her students love her stories especially ones about when she grew up on a farm in Iowa and also her saint and Bibles stories. One of the charisms of her Community is spiritual motherhood, but one day a kindergarten girl said, “I wish you were my grandma!” so this charism has now gone to a new level! Sr. Marie Jacqueline holds a BA in Theology with a concentration in English and has over 37 years of teaching experience. She has received training and ongoing continuing education in the Boys Town Education Model, the Nebraska Writers Project, and Time Management workshops, as well as Blackboard and Smartboard educational technology. In addition, she has attended numerous educational conferences including the National Catholic Education Association conventions and the Nebraska Educational Technology Association Conference.