Gloria Jundt is the Educational Consultant and Program Coordinator. As the Educational Consultant she works with students, teachers, and parents when there is a behavioral/mental health issue that effects learning, peer relationships, and success in the classroom. She helps teachers and parents put interventions in place in the classroom and at home so all adults are working together to help the student be successful in the classroom. Mrs. Jundt also helps coordinate outside resources for addition support at school and in the home when needed. Mrs. Jundt assists students by teaching a Social Interaction Curriculum dealing with how to respond to a bully or others who are unkind without acting like a bully themselves. As the Program Coordinator Gloria oversees the Volunteer Program, Teammates Program, Service Log Program, School Community Intervention and Prevention Program (SCIP), and is Co-coordinator of the Crisis Response Team. She also monitors attendance and tardies, and other administrative duties as needed. She has a B.A. degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Child Development and Family Science with additional course work and experience in counseling. She has experience working with in-patient Adolescent and Child Psychiatric services and in-patient Adolescent Chemical Dependency services. She has managed a group home for delinquent youth, and an emergency shelter for children and youth. She is trained in the Boys Town Education Model, Systematic Training for the Effective Parenting of Teens (STEP), Crisis Prevention and Intervention, CPR, and holds a Local Substitute Teaching Certificate. She has been with St. Joseph school almost 15 years.