What exactly is the School Advisory Council?

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2023-2024 School Advisory Council Members

Voting Members (13):
Fr. McCabe, Pastor
Kevin Naumann, School Principal
Sr. Mary Angela, C.K., School Vice Principal

Chair: Duane Becker, Parishioner and School Parent
Vice Chair: Chelsea Schauer, Parishioner and School Parent
Secretary: Carrie Finson, Director of Communications and Parishioner
SFA Presidents: Jason and Michelle Weber*
SFA Vice-Presidents: Dave and Sarah Karle*
Lori Bryant, School Staff
Elise Kathol, School Staff
Kathy Donlan, School Staff
Mike Czyz, Parishioner and School Parent
Carol Zink, Parishioner
Jami Hughes, Parishioner and School Parent
Nicole Russman, Parishioner and School Parent

Non-voting Members (1)
Ann Wackel, Parish/School Business Manager

*Note: Usually only one of the SFA representatives is present for School Advisory meetings.

Next meeting: May 15, 2024 at 5:30 pm in Resurrection Hall.
The proposed agenda for this meeting not yet available. Subject to change until the time of the meeting.

The most recently approved minutes can be found below.

Download Advisory Council Minutes 04 17 24 final