Walk for Christ 2023

— September 22 , 2023
Walk for Christ is St. Joseph School’s yearly fundraiser that combines faith, fun and fellowship in one event. As a family, the fundraising will depend if your child chooses to call friends and families for donations, walk the neighborhood for prayer petitions, or do service projects to raise money. See more..

SFA Parent Meeting Fall 2023

— September 21 , 2023
Attention parents! The School Family Association is so excited to be partnering with Omaha-based nonprofit, Smart Gen Society, to provide you with a FREE workshop about how to keep your child safe online. This engaging workshop will teach you how to keep your students smart, safe, and private in today’s... See more..
Download Flyer A Smart Gen Society St. Joseph Church

Back-to-School Ice Cream Social

— July 12 , 2023
This year's SFA-sponsored Ice Cream Social will be held on Thursday, August 10 from 6:00-7:30 pm. See the flyer below for more details! See more..

Living Rosary

— October 07 , 2021
Each year near the beginning of October, in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, our 3rd Grade classes lead a Living Rosary for their parents and the student body. See more..

Living Stations of the Cross

— April 27 , 2022
Each year, our 4th Grade students perform the Living Stations of the Cross for the whole school and invite the Parish to join them. Below are some of the photos from April 13, 2022. See more..

St. Joseph Feast Day 2023

— March 02 , 2023
Today is a day to CELEBRATE our holy patron, St. Joseph! Ideally, most of the day will include activities and lessons of some sort that have a connection with our patron. Let us praise the Lord for the gift of St. Joseph and our school family! See more..
Download St. Joseph Feast Day 23 parent note

Field Day 2023

— May 25 , 2023
Thanks for another great Field Day! Have a fantastic summer! See more..
Download Copy of Field Day 2023 Outside Schedule

Catholic Social Services Food Drive

— March 02 , 2023
We're partnering with Catholic Social Services to do a Lenten Food Drive! Check out the flyer for a list of the most needed items. See more..
Download CSS Food Market Flyer St. Joseph School March 2023 single

Year of St. Joseph Pilgrimages

— November 01 , 2021
For the Year of St. Joseph, we are doing pilgrimages to spiritual sites that honor St. Joseph as well as touring businesses or groups that so some sort of artisan work. See more..

Youth Choir

— September 11 , 2023
Schedules are available in the Youth Choir folder on the bulletin board by Resurrection Hall main doors. Sing-along Sundays occur except for scheduled Full Choir Sundays. Download the Fall 2023 Youth Choir Schedule. See more..