Hello! I am from Kearney, Nebraska, and am the oldest of six children. From the time I was little, Jesus was a real Person to me and I felt drawn to be His bride as a religious Sister. But I was far from perfect—in fact, I fought so much with my siblings that one day I decided to look up who was the patron saint of the oldest in a family. I knew I needed their help. I couldn’t find a saint, and so I concluded that the oldest child must not make it to heaven! I was wrong, of course! My family had its joys and difficulties, just like other families.

In high school I began to more seriously discern what Jesus was asking of me, and was surprised when He showed me that He created my heart for Himself. After a year of college, I entered the School Sisters of Christ the King in 2012. Belonging completely to Jesus has been the deepest source of my joy. After four years of formation, I continued my studies and graduated from Benedictine College in 2020 and have loved teaching 2nd Grade ever since (2 years at St. Peter’s, 1 year at St. Joseph’s). It is an honor to accompany children through their second grade year, when their horizons are opening and their questions are deepening. It is also a time of growth in love as these children prepare to receive their First Penance and Reconciliation and their First Holy Communion. I stand in awe of them, learning from them what it means to be a child before our Heavenly Father.

In my spare time, I love reading, fishing, hiking, stargazing, knitting, playing board games, eating chocolate, spending time with my Sisters, and drinking coffee at the same time. I enjoy a good discussion on literature and philosophy, and among my favorite books are The Lord of the Rings and Les Miserables. Please pray for me, and I have been praying for you!