Find the Preschool Registration Form HERE. Please print it out and return the completed form with your $30 registration fee to the School Office. Online submissions of the application will not be accepted.


Registration for the current year can take place at any time, provided there is an opening in preschool, AND the student has turned 3 years old (for T/Th class) or 4 years old (for M/W/F class) by July 31 of the previous summer. Registration for the following year begins in the second semester of the current school year. Priority is given as follows based on the date registration form and payment are submitted:

1) Current preschoolers
2) Siblings of students
3) Parish members
4) Non-parish members

In addition to the Preschool Registration Form, parents must also provide the Preschool Immunization Form. Preschool fees are as follows:

2023-2024 Prices

Registration $30.00 (non-refundable)
Two days/wk (must be 3 by July 31) $110.00/month
Three days/wk (must be 4 by July 31) $140.00/month
Five days/wk half day (1 yr of preschool/teacher recommendation) $250.00/month
Five days/week all day $500.00/month

If you have any questions, please contact registrar Emily Klein at 402-489-0341 or

Class Offerings

3-4 Year Preschool

Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-11:00 am (one class)     
    An initial preschool experience helping your preschooler learn new social skills, discover how a classroom works, and build early faith and academic foundations. Activities encourage movement from parallel play to increased interaction with peers.

4-5 Year Preschool

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00-11:00 am (one class)
    Kindergarten preparation skills built upon a Catholic faith foundation. Children will learn to identify and write letters, practice math skills, delve into early science concepts, and become increasingly independent.

4-5 Year S.T.E.M. Preschool

Tuesday and Thursday 12:20-3:20 pm (one class)
    This program takes the natural curious scientist inside every preschool-age child and lets them explore God’s world, question, and become higher level thinkers through the use of science, technology, engineering, and math.


Monday through Friday 8:00-11:00 am, 12:20-3:20 pm, or all day (three classes)
    This class specializes in kindergarten preparation skills emphasizing literacy and our STREAM curriculum. Students will identify basic sight words, write letters, and journal. Math, science, and technology skills are enhanced by visualizing concepts, graphing, using concrete objects to demonstrate understanding, and solving everyday problems. Art will foster creativity and fine motor skills while religion will tie in each classroom activity with its place in God’s creation.

What do I need to do to get my child ready for Preschool?

•    Practice the Sign of the Cross and say simple prayers
•    Get into a routine. Routines allow children to learn about order, sequencing, and concepts of time. Having a daily schedule can help ease your child’s transition into the structure of the school setting.
•    Encourage independence. Children will learn and grow from their mistakes and develop self-confidence if allowed independence with basic self-care skills such as washing hands, zippers, and dressing.
•    Make time for reading. Reading to children every day will enhance their vocabulary and provide them with imaginative experiences that are important to building creative thinkers.
•    Develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns, playing, and pretending. Participate in play dates prior to starting school to allow your child to become comfortable in a classroom setting.

Parents Who Love St. Joseph Preschool

“St. Joseph Preschool has been an essential beginning for our four sons’ Catholic education. The curriculum provides content for school readiness as well as essential play and faith-filled fun! Our boys have made lasting friendships that have endured into elementary school and beyond.”  
    - Chelsea & Josh Schauer

“We are so blessed to have such a strong preschool program at St. Joseph’s! Our family will continue to send our children to preschool at St. Joseph’s because Mrs. King and Mrs. Kreifels excel in educating the whole child‒-intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and engaging, and both teachers use current teaching methodology to ensure the students’ preparation for kindergarten.”
    - Catherine Boucher

“St. Joseph’s preschool has been a great fit for our family. The kids are blessed with learning, socializing, and being a part of the school community. They feel comfortable and confident with the school and their way around it before even starting kindergarten. They are living and learning their faith and have wonderful teachers who prepare them for kindergarten.”
    - Kendra Majerus

“The STEM program with Mrs. King was phenomenal!! Our son came home talking about atoms and the solar system!! Mrs. Kreifels took my sons needs truly to heart on ways to enhance his ability with fine motor with his disability. Our son is truly on target to start kindergarten next year academically and physically. He’s excited about learning and loves going to preschool!!”
    - Pamela Steuter