Parents of children in our school are all important members of the St. Joseph School Family. Our primary mission is to foster the spiritual and temporal education of our children in keeping with: the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, the highest educational standards, the human and financial resources of the Church, the school, and the home. To accomplish this, our School Family seeks to:

  • Promote understanding, cooperation, and mutual support between children, teachers, parents and the religious leadership of our school and diocese;
  • Encourage parents to participate in the development and operation of supportive educational programs;
  • Provide support for the extraordinary fiscal demands of our school;
  • Offer programs related to our goals of a Catholic Education;
  • Monitor and, if appropriate, respond to community, state and federal influences on Catholic education in the context of St. Joseph School; and
  • Create greater appreciation of Catholic education and strengthen the family as a foundation of Catholic education.


2023 School Family Association Board Members

  • Presidents: Jason and Michelle Weber
  • Presidents-Elect: Dave and Sarah Karle
  • Treasurers: Bryan and Lisa Sypal
  • Secretaries: Nick and Kristin Streff
  • Fundraising Chair: Jacob and Libby Hoxmeier
  • School Representatives: Anna Pryor and Laurie Clark
  • Principal: Kevin Naumann
  • Spiritual Advisor/Parish Representative: Father McCabe

Join us on Tuesday, October 18 at 6:45 pm for the SFA All-Parent Meeting!

  • Why do you send your child to St. Joseph School?
  • Is Catholic education enough to pass on the Catholic faith, or will your child eventually "pass" on the Catholic faith?
  • How can you as parents help ensure that your Catholic school is all that it needs to be for your child?

Special guest Josh Burks addresses these questions and more at this fall's SFA Parent meeting. He and his wife Elizabeth are parishioners at St. Joseph and parents of three. They have a vested interest in the vitality of St. Joseph School and are willing to examine - and challenge - the school family in these challenging times.

Watch the video of Josh's presentation:

2022 School Family Association Board Members

  • Presidents: Reggie and Carolyn Bosn
  • Presidents-Elect: Jason and Michelle Weber
  • Treasurers: Nick and Kristin Streff
  • Secretaries: Derek and Lindsey Freeman
  • Fundraising Chair: Sheila Rempe
  • School Representatives: Tracy Smith and Anna Pryor
  • Principal: Kevin Naumann
  • Spiritual Advisor/Parish Representative: Father McCabe