General Admission Information

Admission to St. Joseph School is based on the following criteria:

  • Space is available in the grade(s) for which students are registering
  • Parents are registered in the parish
  • Non-parishioners (K-8): Parents have the permission of the pastors of St. Joseph and the parish to which they belong.
  • Non-Catholics: Parents agree to permit their child to study the religion and participate in liturgical and para-liturgical functions, as prescribed by the school.

Preschool Registration

Registration for the current year can take place at any time, provided there is an opening in preschool, AND the student has turned 3 years old (for T/Th class) or 4 years old (for M/W/F class) by July 31 of the previous summer. Registration for the following year begins in the second semester of the current school year. Priority is given as follows based on the date registration form and payment are submitted:

1) Current preschoolers
2) Siblings of students
3) Parish members
4) Non-parish members


In addition to the Preschool Registration Form, parents must also provide the Preschool Immunization Form. Preschool fees are as follows:

2023-2024 Prices

Registration $30.00 (non-refundable)
Two days/wk (must be 3 by July 31) $110.00/month
Three days/wk (must be 4 by July 31) $140.00/month
Five days/wk half day (1 yr of preschool/teacher recommendation) $250.00/month
Five days/week all day $500.00/month

Kindergarten Registration

According to Nebraska law,

  • to be admitted to kindergarten, the child must be five years of age on or before July 31;
  • if a child turns five after July 31 and before/on October 15, the parents may request to have their child screened for readiness for kindergarten;
  • children turning six years of age on or before January 1 of a school year must be enrolled for kindergarten in that school year.

Registration for new kindergarten students takes place at Kindergarten Preview in mid February, when prospective Kindergarten parents visit the classroom, meet the teachers, etc. Priority is given as follows: current preschoolers, siblings of current students, parishioners, non-parish members. Admission to kindergarten may be accomplished at other times by registering in person or calling to have the registration forms mailed. The following information is necessary for the student's file:

  • Create a new PowerSchool Registration account for your family (unless already completed for Pius X registration) under the "NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION" section. No Snap Code is required.
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Official State Birth Certificate
  • Physical Examination Form
  • Immunization Record from the doctor
  • Dental Examination Card

Grades One through Eight Registration

Admission for new students may take place at any time by registering in person or calling to have the registration forms mailed. The following information is necessary for the student's file:

Tuition (Kindergarten through 8th Grade)

Registered in parish See “Tuition and Fees” under Forms
Non-parishioner or non-Catholic $5,500 per child