St. Joseph parishioners can purchase certificates from the SCRIP program to use at various companies and restaurants in Lincoln that return a percentage to St. Joseph Parish. SCRIP can be purchased after all weekend Masses, in the school office during school hours, or through "backpack SCRIP". This money has been used in recent years to provide money to teachers to purchase classroom enhancements, to purchase library books, to provide funding for school-wide parties and to help with part of the purchase of the school security system. Download the most recent order form HERE.

School Family Association (SFA) Fundraiser:

Parents of children in our school are all important members of the St. Joseph School Family. Our primary mission is to foster the spiritual and temporal education of our children in keeping with: the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, the highest educational standards, the human and financial resources of the Church, the school, and the home. The School Family Association generally has a fundraiser in the fall. For more information on St. Joseph SFA, please visit this page.

Book Fair:

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An annual book fair is usually held to benefit the library. The format of the book fair will depend on availability. When possible, books from a local bookstore are displayed in the library for a week-long book fair. Receiving profits from all sales to school families at a local bookstore on a designated day is another possible option. Profits from the sale are used to purchase new books.

Label / Box Top Programs

General Mills Box Tops:

Clip box top logos from cereals, fruit snacks, etc., put your child’s name on the back, and turn them into the school office. A drawing is held on the last Friday of each school month, with the winner receiving a $10 SCRIP certificate of his/her choice. Once a year the school mails the box tops to General Mills and receives a check.


This program, which helps area schools raise money, usually runs January through April. All Lincoln area HyVee Stores participate. During the designated time period, send your GOLD receipts to the school office. HyVee donates $1 for every $100 spent at HyVee during this period, to a maximum of $1000.