Mission Statement

We, the Family of St. Joseph School, build up the Kingdom of God as we work together in faith, knowledge, and loving service.


The educational program of St. Joseph School is based on Christian principles of education, with the central purpose of proclaiming the Gospel message.

St. Joseph Catholic School is committed to the development of the whole child since in Christ, the perfect man, all human values find their fulfillment and unity. As educators, the faculty of St. Joseph School endeavor to develop the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and aesthetic, social and physical potentials of each student. In nurturing the intellectual faculties, the Catholic school considers it her special mission to develop a capacity for deciding correctly moral issues based on a well-formed conscience with a sense of personal commitment to Christ in this life and the attainment of eternal happiness hereafter.

Spiritual Goal: Develop in the student a personal relationship with Christ.

Intellectual Goal: Develop optimum academic growth within the student’s won capacity for learning.

Emotional and Aesthetic Goal: Develop in the student the awareness of his/her intrinsic value and God’s unfailing love for him/her.

Social Goal: Enable the student to become an active, responsible member in the community, reflecting the principles of Christ.

Physical Goal: Develop in the student an awareness of the need for physical fitness.