Forming disciples of Jesus

through faith,
and loving service

Mission Statement

We, the family of St. Joseph School, build up the Kingdom of God as we work together in faith, knowledge and loving service.

Prayer to St. Joseph

Dear St. Joseph, by your prayers and guidance, please help us to do the work that our Heavenly Father asks of us, and so come to the rewards He has promised. Amen.

Prayer of the Month

The Apostles Creed I believe in God, / the Father Almighty, / Creator of heaven and earth. / And in Jesus Christ, / His only Son, / our Lord; / who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, / born of the Virgin Mary, / suffered under Pontius Pilate, / was crucified, / died, / and was buried. / He descended into hell; / the third day He arose again from the dead; / He ascended into heaven, / and is seated at the right hand of God, / the Father Almighty; / from thence He shall come to judge / the living and the dead. / I believe in the Holy Spirit, / the holy Catholic Church, / the communion of Saints, / the forgiveness of Sins, / the resurrection of the body, / and the life everlasting. / Amen.


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Weekly Watch

April 12 , 2024
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Counselor Corner

January 31 , 2024
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SFA Parents' Night Out Comedy Event!
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SFA Parent Meetings Spring 2024
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Catholic Schools Week 2024
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Walk for Christ 2023
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Living Rosary
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Living Stations of the Cross
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Youth Choir
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Message From The Pastor and CAO

McCabe Photo 1 tiny
Fr. Michael McCabe

Dear Friends of St. Joseph School,

As Pastor and Chief Administrative Officer of St. Joseph School, I am immensely proud of our school. Young boys and girls are receiving an education that fundamentally addresses the whole person, not just their destiny in this life for which we prepare them well; but, their destiny to be with God forever in Heaven. Read more...


Message From The Principal

kevin photo tiny2
Mr. Kevin Naumann

Dear Friends and Family of St. Joseph School,

I’m pleased and humbled to be the new principal at St. Joseph School. Growing up in Lincoln and graduating from St. John’s and then Pius X, I feel I bring some unique perspectives to the role.

First, as a team builder, I believe this position must be able to earn and maintain the trust of diverse groups including staff and parents. I hope to model and support a team-work oriented and collaborative work environment where people look forward to coming to work and sharing their expertise with children. Read More...

Lunch Menu

  • Monday, April 22: Chicken Tenders, Baked Beans, Roll
  • Tuesday, April 23: BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos, Corn
  • Wednesday, April 24: Fiestada Pizza, Green Beans
  • Thursday, April 25: Cheeseburger on WG Bun, Baked Beans, Chips
  • Friday, April 26: Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread w/Marinara Sauce, Mixed Veggies, Ice Cream Sandwich

*All Meals come with choice of milk or orange juice and choice of fruit. Cold meat sandwich available as a choice Monday-Thursday. Peanut butter sandwich available as a choice Monday-Friday.

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