PowerSchool, Etc.

— September 03 , 2020
Confused about PowerSchool? Here are some helpful descriptions of what it encompasses and a PDF below with tips on how to log in and use it! See more..
Download PS PSL Parent Account Instructions 3

Jr. High Sports update

— August 12 , 2020
Please read the attached PDF for information on how Junior High sports will function for the time being. See more..
Download CYSL Updates

Junior High Electives

— April 30 , 2020
If you will have a student going into Junior High for the first time next year, or need a refresher on how the electives and class list process works, please read this note from the Jr. High team. See more..
Download Elective Class List Explanation Letter to Parents

Announcements Archive

— June 12 , 2020
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