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What is Walk For Christ?

Walk for Christ is St. Joseph School’s yearly fundraiser that combines faith, fun and fellowship in one event. As a family, the fundraising will depend if your child chooses to call friends and families for donations, walk the neighborhood for prayer petitions, or do service projects to raise money. As they witness and share their gifts they return to school with their contributions, having fun along the way! On the final day, the students, parents, and faculty of St. Joseph's School walk a designated route around the school grounds and park area praying for our sponsors, donors, personal intentions, and community along the way.

Walk For Christ 2022 will be held on Friday, September 23!

Students will wear the shirts pictured above on Walk For Christ Day and other special days throughout the school year. Click HERE or on the photo of the shirt to order yours!

This year's incentives can be found here or on our Facebook page!

WFC 2022 incentives 8.5 x 11 in copy

Anyone can help! Just click on the button below to donate.

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Thanks to all our sponsors for helping make Walk For Christ 2021 a success!Logo with Sponsors med

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