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Pre-Enrollment Instructions for New Students

The following directions are intended for parents who are enrolling your child(ren) for the first time in a Diocese of Lincoln School, You will first need to fill out the Pre-enrollment form. If you are a new family and are enrolling multiple children please complete the Pre-Enrollment form for each child. Once your Pre-Enrollment form is approved by the school you will receive an email with further instructions.


Step 1: Pre-Enrollment Form

Your first step will be to fill out the Pre-Enrollment form. This form collects the essential information needed for your school to start the enrollment process. Click the Button below to open the Pre-Enrollment form.

New Student Site

Step 2: Submitting the Pre-Enrollment Form

•  Completely fill out all the necessary fields on the form
•  Fields with the * icon are required fields. They must be filled out in order for the form to be submitted.
•  When finished click the blue Submit button at the bottom of the screen
•  A modal will pop open with this message

Parent Portal Login

•  Shortly after you should also receive and email from PowerSchool - Diocese of Lincoln Schools (powerschool@cdolinc.net) that looks like this

Parent Portal Login

•  At this point you will need to wait until the school approves your application

Step 3: Post-Approval Steps

•  Once the school approves your application, you will receive an email with further instructions (like the email example below) on how to create your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account and how to complete the remaining enrollment forms, or you can follow these same New Student Enrollment Instructions


Returning Student Enrollment Instructions

•  The following directions are intended for parents who need to re-enroll their child(ren) for the upcoming school year through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you are enrolling your child(ren) for the first time in a Diocese of Lincoln School, do not use this guide. Use the Pre-Enrollment Instructions instead.

Accessing Enrollment Forms

•  Open any internet browser on your computer (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Etc.)
•  Type https://powerschool.cdolinc.net/ into the address bar
•  Type in the Username and Password used to log into the PowerSchool Account. Then click the Sign In button
          · If you do not remember your Username click the Forgot Username link under the Parent Account Recovery Links section at the bottom of the screen
          · If you do not remember your Password click the Forgot Password link under the Parent Account Recovery Links section at the bottom of the screen
          · If you don't have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account, please contact your local school. They will provide you with a letter that contains your student's Access ID and Access Password. Once you have those two pieces of information, follow the guide on creating a PowerSchool Parent Portal account.

Parent Forgot Password

•  Once on the PowerSchool Parent home screen you will see the students you have associated with your parent account in the blue bar at the top of the screen. Click on a student to begin the re-enrollment process.

•  If you are missing a student in the blue bar, they are not associated with your account. Please contact your school and they will provide you with a letter that contains your student's Access ID and Access Password. Once you have those two pieces of information, follow the guide on creating a PowerSchool Parent Portal account

Parent Portal Students

•  Then click on Forms button toward the middle of the Left Navigation

Parent Portal Forms

Enrollment Preferences

•  The first time you access the Forms Screen you will be prompted with a message that says Your preferences haven't been configured. To configure if and how you'll receive notifications for forms, please use the button below to set your preferences.

Parent Preferences Warning

•  Clicking on the gear button will open the Parent Preferences dialog. Here you can choose whether you wish to receive notifications and, if you do, to which email address(es) you would like them sent.

•  A form may be set up to send notifications to parents when it is submitted or when the status of a pending form changes.

Parent Preferences

Filling Out Enrollment Forms

•  On the Forms Screen you will see a list of enrollment forms that need to be completed.
•  The progress bar above the forms will fill in green as you complete the individual forms.
•  Click on the first blue link in the list (usually A. Student Info) to be taken to the first enrollment form you need to complete.

Parent Portal Forms Student

•  Above the form is the Form Ribbon. This allows you to move between forms in the enrollment process. Use the arrows on either end of the ribbon to scroll to see more forms.

Form Ribbon

•  Just below the Form Ribbon is the Archive Header. If a form has been previously submitted, the archive header gives you the ability to view these submissions.

Form Header

•  The rest of the page is the form itself. The form will be pre-populated with existing information the school has on file for your student. You need to confirm what the school has on file is correct, and update any information as needed.

•  Fields with the * icon are required fields. They must be filled out in order for the form to be submitted.

Parent Portal Student Form

Uploading a Document

Some enrollment forms will require you to download additional documentation. These will be presented as hyperlinks that take you to a PDF file to download. You may need to download, print, sign, and scan before uploading these files. If unable to complete digitally, please drop off the required documents at the school office prior to the start of school.

•  To upload a document you will need to click the Upload button
•  A side pop out window will open

Parent Portal Upload

•  Click the Browse button
•  This will open a file explorer on your device. Locate the file you need to upload and click it
•  Back in the side pop out window click the green Upload at the bottom
•  You will then get a "File uploaded successfully" message if everything uploaded correctly

Upload success message

Submitting a Form

•  Once the form is filled out, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Your form will be submitted and reloaded. If the form submission was successful, a pop-up window will open thanking you for the submission.

Thank you

•  Next to the Submit button is an arrow that brings up a couple of options for submission.

•  For some forms, the first may be “Submit for Family”. Choosing this option will allow you to choose which of your children you would like this submission to apply to. This is useful for a form that is not student specific. Using “Submit for Family” will change the values submitted on the form, for the other children associated with your account.

               ·  “Submit for Family” is only available on a few forms

•  The other option is to “Submit & Jump to…”. Below this option is a list of forms you can open after submitting this form.

Submit for Family

•  Repeat steps 8 - 14 for any additional child(ren) associated with your account.

Save for Later vs. Submit

Along with the Submit button is the Save for Later button.

Save or Submit

•  Use the Save for Later button if you have entered data on the from but are unable to finish or submit the form at this time. PowerSchool will save any information already filled out so you do not have to re-enter later. It is recommended that you save a form if you have to step away from your computer, as PowerSchool may log you out for inactivity.

•  Saved forms are saved locally on your computer. You can access the saved entry from your same user on the same browser. You will not be able to access the saved data from another device. A form with a saved entry will appear Empty in the form listing.

When to Save for Later:
•  You need to step away from the computer
•  You do not have all the required information but have filled out some of the information on a form

When to Submit:
•  You are ready to send the form to the school for approval


•  All forms require a school administrator to verify the information before it is submitted. After submission the form will go into a pending state until the administrator approves or rejects the submission. A pop-up window will open on submission, informing you the form is pending approval.

Pending Message

•  The form will have a yellow background and edited fields that need approval will have a red flag beside them. Hovering over the flag will show the current and previous response for that field. On the Forms page, a pending form will have the status of Pending with a yellow leaf icon.

Pending Leaf

•  If the form is approved, the status will be Approved with a green leaf icon.

Approved Leaf

•  If the response to the form was rejected, he status will be Rejected with a red leaf icon.

Rejected Leaf

•  Clicking the form name will display the form with a red background. A pop-up window will open, letting you know the form was rejected. If the administrator indicated a reason the form was rejected, that reason will also display on the pop-up.

Rejected Message

•  Click the Edit Rejected button to be able to edit your submission. Once you finish making your changes, resubmit the form. It will return to pending status.

•  If the form is set up to send parent notifications and you have enabled them on your account, you will receive an email when a form's status moves from Pending to Approved or Rejected.