Non-Uniform Day Guidelines

On occasion, (generally on early dismissal days for faculty meetings), students will be allowed to have a no-uniform day. Other no-uniform days may be announced by the administration. Students must follow the guidelines below for no-uniform days:

Pants: Dress pants, khakis, capris (mid-calf length), overalls, loose knit slacks, colored jeans, blue jeans or loose-fitting athletic/sweat pants may be worn. Pants not permitted include:
- Baggy or saggy pants;
- Pants, jeans, or capris that are frayed, faded, multi-bleached, stone washed or that have holes;
- Stretch pants, stirrup pants, leggings/jeggings, skinny jeans and all pants that are skin tight.

: Skirts/split skirts and dresses may be worn and are to reach just above the knee or lower. Tops of dresses must follow the guidelines for blouses below.

Shirts/Blouses: Shirts must be modest, long enough to sufficiently cover the midriff and no low-cut necklines. Shirts may not be tied up at the waistline. Tank tops, sleeveless tops or low-cut necklines are not allowed. Shirts must be neat and clean. Clothing that is offensive, immoral, or otherwise inappropriate in a Catholic school environment is not acceptable. Tight-fitting/compression-fitting shirts are not allowed for boys or girls.

Shorts: Only school uniform shorts may be worn in September, October, April, and May.

Shoes and Socks: Shoes and sandals without a strap around the back of the foot may be worn. Socks (or tights or hose) must be worn. For safety reasons, heels (spike, stiletto, block, tapered, blade, wedge, etc.) higher than 2 inches are not allowed.

Jewelry and makeup: Uniform regulations remain in effect.


Download No Uniform Day Guidelines