How are electives chosen?

The Junior High teachers meet with specialists and discuss our strengths and interests. We discuss which of our talents would be beneficial to share with students and create a list.

How will electives work this year?

Junior High teachers and specialists will each teach one elective per semester. Students will take electives for two days. They will have PE once per week and computer once per week. The fifth day will be either a study hall or be used for clubs (more information on that will be coming).

How are students placed in electives?

The 8th graders are placed first. They are placed in an elective and then in computer and PE. 7th graders are placed after that. Though we do our best to place students in the elective of their choice, sometimes schedules don’t work or an elective fills up and students are placed in a 3rd or even 4th choice.

What electives will be offered for Fall 2023?

Behind the Scenes

Come be part of the fun! The members of this elective will assist Mrs. Krinke in selecting the K-3rd and 4th-6th Christmas musicals. They will also come up with, create, and organize all the props, costumes, scenery, etc. needed. It is mandatory that you are at both nights of the performances (Dec. 13th and 14th) to help with everything we have created and organized in order for the musicals to go smoothly. (Mrs. Krinke)

Running Club

Come join us in a couch to 5K introduction to running. Students will be building up running endurance and learning about proper stretching/nutrition/hydration  Students should plan to run outside (weather permitting) or perform indoor workouts every elective class. (Mr. Koperski)


Students will be able to explore a variety of art methods such as drawing, painting, wood burning, and sculptures, as well as choosing art projects of interest. (Mrs. Blumenstock/Mrs. Grosserode)


Let's play chess! We will learn a bit about strategy and tactics and play lots of chess in this fun elective. (Mrs. Donlan)


In this elective we will be working through different challenges by creating solutions. Some of the challenges include building a Rube-Goldberg device, making a roller coaster out of straws, and creating a frisbee. At the end of the semester there are prizes for the winners of each challenge! Looking forward to using our minds to solve problems and being creative in the process. (Mrs. Stewart)

Passport: Latin America

Be immersed in the Spanish language while exploring Latin American countries. We will learn beginning Spanish through culture, literature, and language immersion. Take a step towards becoming a global citizen! (Mrs. Meister)

Ancient Architecture

Travel through the ancient world, through the eyes of Steve! In this elective, you will build some of the world’s most famous pieces of ancient architecture such as the Great Pyramids, the Roman Colosseum, and the Great Wall of China, using Minecraft Education Edition. You will also research and learn about the history, purpose, and significance of each of the structures you are building. (Ms. Reifenrath)


In this elective students will be responsible for keeping the school community up to date on what is happening in the junior high. They will gain experience in writing, formatting, and editing as well some photography. (Ms. Masek)

Create & Converse

Chat with old friends and make new ones while learning how to create a variety of crafts! We will make bracelets, crochet scarves, cross-stitch designs, and tie blankets in this relaxing class. (Mrs. Daniel)

How are electives graded?

Students receive a letter grade for electives, but these grades do not count toward their GPA.

Where do I find information on sports?

Visit our Athletics page!

Meet the Jr. High 2022-2023 Faculty

Sara Stewart 7A/Jr. High Science Sara-Stewart@cdolinc.net
David Koperski 7B/Jr. High Religion David-Koperski@cdolinc.net
Kathy Donlan 7C/Jr. High Reading Kathy-Donlan@cdolinc.net
Emily Daniel 8A/Jr. High Math Emily-Daniel@cdolinc.net
Katie Masek 8B/Jr. High Language Arts Katherine-Masek@cdolinc.net
Anna Reifenrath 8C/Jr. High Social Studies Anna-Reifenrath@cdolinc.net