Dear Friends of St. Joseph School,

As Pastor and Chief Administrative Officer of St. Joseph School, I am immensely proud of our school. Young boys and girls are receiving an education that fundamentally addresses the whole person, not just their destiny in this life for which we prepare them well; but, their destiny to be with God forever in Heaven. There is a strong emphasis on the inalienable dignity on the human person, above all on his or her spiritual dimension. If Catholic educators, parents, and others who dedicate themselves to this apostolate fail to keep in mind a high supernatural vision, all their talk about Catholic School will be no more than "a gong booming or a cymbal clashing." (1Cor.13:1)

Our Parish would not be the same if we did not have our wonderful school. It gives purpose to our existence. We are fully dedicated to the total Catholic education of each child in the parish. Through the great generosity of so many stewards, we are offering education of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Pope Francis has decided the next meeting of the worldwide Synod of Bishops will focus on how the Catholic church can help accompany young people in discerning God’s calling for their lives. Our school is essential to that mission, our Parish’s mission and the call to a New Evangelization. The future of our church, community, and world is largely dependent upon the partnership of parents and teachers in our Catholic schools. May God bless you always.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Michael G. McCabe
Pastor and Chief Administrative Officer