Student Council will once more host a Mission Carnival for the student body of St. Joseph School as we celebrate our patron, St. Joseph on March 17. Proceeds will go to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith program “Educate the Children” in Bolivia, South America. Father Thames, a priest from Fort Worth, Texas, has been a missionary in Bolivia for 28 years. Father Thames, with our generous giving, can continue to spread the Gospel and help the poor go to school and receive an education. He also works with the sick, hungry, and those abandoned to receive the love, care, and basic necessities of life. Students will learn about this mission in their classrooms and will be encouraged to bring money to donate when they come to play the carnival games. Last year, we raised a little over $3,000 to dig a well for fresh water in Nigeria. This year, we would love to see a similar outpouring of support for this mission in Bolivia. What a beautiful way to help our students grow in “faith, knowledge, and loving service” in honor of our patron, St. Joseph! To learn more about this Bolivian mission, check out this short VIDEO from Fr. Thames, read the sponsor letter, and enjoy the pictures of their school students.

Download ETC B 2019 Sponsor Cover LetterFINAL