We will have a new feature of a Mission Carnival hosted by our dedicated Student Council. Our goal will be to raise $3,000 to support digging a well for St. Michael's Catholic Parish (main parish) Isolo-Opin, Llorin Diocese of Kwara State, Nigeria. They currently have only one well for 250,000 people (the population of Lincoln)! To learn more see the flyer below. If every child brought $7.50, we could reach our goal. Of course, some can bring more and others less (all students will be able to participate in the carnival regardless of amount). We encourage the children to bring their OWN money to support this cause. Younger children can do chores to earn money. Like St. Joseph, we are called to work hard and to care for the least among us. Please talk with your children about ways they can make this dream a reality for children and families in need. If you would like to learn more about the International Missionary Foundation, based in Lincoln, visit their website.

Download Mission Carnival Project 2021