As a means of celebrating the Year of St. Joseph, is taking a pilgrimage with each grade level section. Why a pilgrimage? Well, pilgrimages have a long history in our Catholic heritage. They are both a reminder of our journey from this life to heaven as well as an opportunity to grow in a closer relationship with the Lord as we travel to a holy place. Often, a pilgrimage is taken with a special intention to ask God for a particular grace. St. Joseph, himself, was called to be a pilgrim as he led the Holy Family to Bethlehem, then to Egypt and later back to Nazareth. We will be talking more with students about how to prepare for a pilgrimage as the time gets closer. Plans are still being finalized, but the following are what the grades can look forward to:

  • Pre-K will visit our very own St. Joseph Parish office, pray at the St. Joseph statues on the way, and when there possibly visit the Rectory to see where the priests live.
  • K-2 Sts. Mary and Joseph in Valparaiso and Carmelites in Agnew, plus service component.
  • 3-4 Villa Regina Motherhouse and Red Tractor Leather Co. in Lincoln, plus service component.
  • 5-6 Holy Family Shrine and Tradewell Pallet in Gretna, plus service component.
  • 7-8 St. Joseph Church and Zongkers Custom Woods, Inc., both in Omaha, plus service component.


The following are resources that Sr. Mary Angela has used in her classroom visits with students. You can review them, too! The "Pilgrimage: Journey with St. Joseph" that was used with Preschool-3rd Grade can be found HERE. 4th-8th Graders were presented the slideshow "Pilgrimage: A spiritual Journey," and you can view it HERE.