Chris Fox brings 26 years of art instruction expertise to St. Joseph School families. With a BFA in Art Education and 12 hours of graduate coursework, Mrs. Fox works with great gusto to bring out each child’s inner Michelangelo. To accomplish this goal, Mrs. Fox uses a kaleidoscope of the latest education and art techniques from multiple workshop opportunities and educational institutions including: the UNL-LINC Art and Literacy Workshop, research proving that art improves literacy; Skills for Growing (Quest International); the John Paul Getty Art Institute Center and Discipline-Based Art Education; Frameworks K-12 Curriculum, the development of an effective statewide framework for K-12 visual and performing arts education; and Instructional Decision making (IDM), the process of using student achievement and other data to guide instructional decisions. Mrs. Fox is also a curriculum developer and instructor for the Stuhr Museum Art Education and Bright Lights Summer Programs.